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Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants Part II


Building on the information presented in Edible Plants Part I found here on www., the outdoorsman can add to his knowledge of edible, medicinal and useful plants. Assuming the recommended identification guides have been acquired and are handy, the outdoorsman can begin to use all his senses to create a better und[…] Continue Reading


The Quick Draw


Sayoc Kali practitioners work to develop their quick draw skills as this technique with the blade is applicable in multiple scenarios. This ability to access the blade and present it quickly within a fight is an important attribute in winning, not just surviving this exchange. The quickdraw can happen at anytime, and understand […] Continue Reading


Map, Compass, and Land Navigation


Getting lost leads to rushing, to panic and problems. Avoid trouble by learning how to navigate using map and compass in this free handout by Kevin Estela. Find out what can be done with just a compass, with just a map and what can be done when both tools are used together. Learn how to gauge distance, how to triangulate locatio[…] Continue Reading


Rope Manipulations for Self-rescue


Rope and line is used for self-rescue but would you know how to manipulate it to save your life? In this video, Kevin Estela demonstrates the technique to tie a one-handed bowline to loop around the body as well as how to use a prussik knot for hauling, ascending and as an emergency brake. He demonstrates how to use a flashlight[…] Continue Reading


Emergency Communications


When a British Special Air Service (SAS) patrol became isolated and compromised deep behind enemy lines in Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991, it wasn’t for want of trying that they failed to make contact with friendly forces and arrange an emergency evacuation. A brief but vicious firefight had seen the destruction of their[…] Continue Reading


Lockpicking for Urban Survival


This video comes from the Lockpicking 101 guide from my website Lockpicking can be an invaluable skill in an urban survival or escape and evasion situation. It can also show just how easily locks can be defeated and how you can apply this to your own security within your home. In this video we will di[…] Continue Reading