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Lost Proofing


Kevin Estela shows preventive measures the outdoorsman can take to ensure he stays found. Common sense, skills and quality gear help in the field but these should not stop him from stacking every odd in his favor before he heads into the field.


Morale Boosters


Spend enough time outdoors on end, and eventually the hardship of living outside your comfort zone will wear on you. After a while, you will miss your bed, you will miss the quiet of your house (unless you have kids), and you will miss the feeling of clean. Eventually, you will long for the creature comforts you take for granted[…] Continue Reading

Kevin Estella 22

Making the Case for the Meager .22lr Rifle


Ask most shooters what they started with and the majority will say their first real firearm was a .22.  The .22lr round is not the largest, it isn’t the fastest and it isn’t the most powerful. The .22 is an easy shooting, accurate and capable round if used correctly. For the most part, .22 ammunition is widely available and comp[…] Continue Reading


Kilimanjaro UTAC Knife Review


Alright, full disclosure: I’m endorsing Kilimanjaro, and I had input in designing some of the line, so be advised of that when you read this review. I’m not exactly impartial; this is a blade that was created to be what I like, what I want to use, at a price point EVERYONE can afford. I’ve always liked “rescue folders”, that is,[…] Continue Reading


Joel’s Top Five Things You Need to Survive in the Wild


A GOOD, FAIRLY LARGE, FIXED BLADE KNIFE This is the *one* tool that you need to make other tools – you can cut with it; make a spear; skin and prepare game; use it as a lever/pry bar, a tent peg, an anchor point, a cauterizing implement, a hammer, an awl…the list goes on.   THE KNOWLEDGE AND OR THE TOOLS TO DO EACH OF[…] Continue Reading