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Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants Part 1


“I’ve never seen a plant walk away from anyone.” With these words, I learned the importance of knowing about plants from my plant mentor, Marty Simon. Unlike hunting and fishing which don’t guarantee success, plant knowledge, if correct, will never fail you. Plant knowledge not only helps the survivor identify food, it allows hi[…] Continue Reading


Cool Kit of the Week: A-K Band


We’re gonna kick off our “new item of the week” column with a handy little piece of kit that I’ve been using myself for a couple months now, the AK(anti-kidnapping) Band from I’ve talked a bit about Escape and Evasion kits, or E&E kits, and what is usually carried in them, but most[…] Continue Reading

Navy SEAL photo downloads

Firearms Safety: How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL


As a Navy SEAL I was fortunate enough to spend countless hours on the range, firing a seemingly endless supply of ammunition. When I transitioned from the military and began running my company I lost the free ammunition, but I kept the lessons I learned at the tip of the spear. With all the different tactics and techniques I lea[…] Continue Reading


Evading Capture When Crossing Roads


Sometimes you can’t avoid hanging yourself out there when being hunted, but the trick is to minimize the exposure window, and of course, leave no sign or spoor. Here I talk about some basics when crossing roads.


Catfish 101


Things sure have changed since I was active in the SEAL Teams. I’ve been working in Hollywood and have a successful international TV show now, and my life has changed in the expected ways, and some completely unexpected ones. I try to be really active in my social media, I want people to feel involved with me and the show, and I[…] Continue Reading


The History of Booby Traps


Since time in memorial booby traps have intrigued many, mainly due to the ingenuity demonstrated in employing them and the impact on the morale of those that suffered from them. A “booby trap” is defined as an explosive or non-explosive device or other material, deliberately placed to cause casualties when an apparently harmless[…] Continue Reading