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Joel Lambert is a 10 year Veteran of the Navy SEALs and star of Discovery Channel's hit show, Lone Target/Manhunt. This website features exclusive content from Joel Lambert along with articles and videos from his editorial contributors.

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Tracking with Grass Pointers


I have a newsflash for you. That nicely outlined track with lots of tread pattern in it. The one with all sorts of detail that gives you loads of information. Yeah, about that. It rarely occurs out there. Rarely during any tracking event will you get one nice big beautiful track, particularly in a wooded environment with lots of[…] Continue Reading


Finding Direction with Pen and Paper


Assuming you know the time of day (digital watch, vehicle display, cell phone w/o compass app) and you have a pen and paper you can find your general direction. The following technique comes from adapting an analog watch navigation skill to digital watch technology. Through sideways thinking, the survivor can find his way. For t[…] Continue Reading


Observation and Awareness


This video discusses the pitfalls of track fixation and offers advice on how to use the terrain to forecast where your quarry is advancing.


Spring Foraging Field-Made Digging Tools


In this video for, Estela Wilderness Education Owner/Head Instructor, Kevin Estela explains a few tools including the digging stick, digging adze and folding shovel, that make spring foraging for underground edibles easier . In a bonus video, Kevin shows the U-Dig-It Shovel in action harvesting a wild ramp/leek. […] Continue Reading


Night Moves: An Evader’s Guide


The bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light. ― Brother Andrew (famous Cold War Bible smuggler), God’s Smuggler (2001) Nasrudin walked into a house and exclaimed, “The moon is more useful than the sun.” “Why?” he was asked. “Because at night we need the light more.&#8221[…] Continue Reading


Boreal Bushcraft Hoodie Review


In this video for, Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education provides an overview of the Boreal Shirt by Lester River Bushcraft. Kevin explains the design features and his personal use of the Boreal Shirt from the past winter. Lester River Bushcraft products are 100% American Made and excellent options for bush[…] Continue Reading


Observation and Awareness for Tracking


Visual tracking is nothing more than being able to be more aware of what is going on around you at any given time. If you want to be able to see more tracks for tactical/self-protection or for hunting reasons, being aware of all that surrounds you is important, not just the tracks. Simply by placing yourself in the position as i[…] Continue Reading


Speed in Tracking


With so many factors in tracking, perhaps speed is the most crucial. Joel Lambert discusses the importance of moving quickly behind your quarry, anticipating their, moves, and attempting to cut them off.