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Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert is a 10 year Veteran of the Navy SEALs and star of Discovery Channel's hit show, Lone Target/Manhunt. This website features exclusive content from Joel Lambert along with articles and videos from his editorial contributors.

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Speed in Tracking


With so many factors in tracking, perhaps speed is the most crucial. Joel Lambert discusses the importance of moving quickly behind your quarry, anticipating their, moves, and attempting to cut them off.


Assembling A Winter Survival Kit For Your Vehicle


Everyone knows better, you know better, than to go outside in poor conditions and not be prepared for a bad situation to occur. There is no worse time of year in our area of the world for such things than winter time travel. The simple reason for this is that each of us have priorities of needs to stay alive. It doesn’t matter i[…] Continue Reading

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Free Joel Lambert Desktop Background


We are giving away a free Joel Lambert desktop background to remind you to keep exploring and living your adventures. Enjoy! Click the “download now” button, and then right click on the wallpaper and press “save image as.”


Sunjack Review


I spend a lot of time in airports, on the go and away from civilization. I also am bound to my electronic devices as a writer, regular blogger and social media jockey. Combined with these roles is my occupation as a survival instructor who is usually far from civilization on courses and trips. Finding a place to plug in while ou[…] Continue Reading


Announcing: Polar Recon Giveaway


We’re happy to present to you our most ambitious giveaways to come on Along  with Kilimanjaro Gear, Tubbs Snowshoes, Camping Survival, Solo Stove, and Cold Avenger,  we have assembled a Polar Recon kit with essential gear for your next adventure.


Neck Knife Carry 101


Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education explains the pros and cons of neck knife carry for survival and offense/defense. Kevin describes and demonstrates various means of carry as well as set ups to make the neck knife a last ditch emergency kit.

Large wheeled duffels make excellent disaster boxes. The author’s LBT wheeled duffle carries all of his equipment for training around the country. They can be large enough to carry both clothing and gear and many are equipped with organizing dividers and pockets.

Practical Caches and Discrete Drops


Napoleon learned an army marches on its stomach. Cut off from supplies, he struggled to survive the Russian campaign as he found the Russians destroyed anything of value the invading army could have exploited. As a result, his army suffered a crippling loss and the return trek to France claimed many lives from malnourishment and[…] Continue Reading