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Personal Security


Neck Knife Carry 101


Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education explains the pros and cons of neck knife carry for survival and offense/defense. Kevin describes and demonstrates various means of carry as well as set ups to make the neck knife a last ditch emergency kit.

Road Rage

Road Rage – Avoiding It Like The Plague


Another major threat to worry about while driving is Road Rage. This will generally result from some perceived driving error, such as cutting another driver off, pulling out in front of them, driving too slow in the passing lane or riding someone’s bumper aggressively. However, it may be the result[…] Continue Reading


Dropped Blade Protocol


In an escape and evasion scenario, losing gear while you’re on the run is not an option as it is a clear sign of your presence in an area. In a survival scenario, lost gear could mean losing your chances of rescue and this is why tethering certain equipment like[…] Continue Reading