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Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert is a 10 year Veteran of the Navy SEALsand star of Discovery Channel's hit show, Lone Target/Manhunt and Predators Up Close. This website features exclusive content from Joel Lambert along with articles and videos from his editorial contributors.

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Dropped Blade Protocol


In an escape and evasion scenario, losing gear while you’re on the run is not an option as it is a clear sign of your presence in an area. In a survival scenario, lost gear could mean losing your chances of rescue and this is why tethering certain equipment like[…] Continue Reading

The Madumi Knife by Winkler Knives


If you’ve seen the show Lone Target, you know Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert takes his escape and evasion missions seriously. Each movement is calculated and attention to detail is observed. Gear is chosen based on mission specific needs and there must not be any chance for failure overlooked. There is[…] Continue Reading


Gear Review: Kifaru Slick Bag


Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education was sent a sample of the new Kifaru Center Zip slick bag for evaluation and review. After a couple months of use in varying New England weather, Kevin found the bag to have improvements over the previous generation side zip bag. Popular with the[…] Continue Reading


Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants Part II


Building on the information presented in Edible Plants Part I found here on www., the outdoorsman can add to his knowledge of edible, medicinal and useful plants. Assuming the recommended identification guides have been acquired and are handy, the outdoorsman can begin to use all his senses to create[…] Continue Reading