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Gear Review


Train Like It’s Real


In “Train Like It’s Real” Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education challenges the reader to learn from the experience of reality training. By basing exercise and training off of reality, a person can learn what works and what doesn’t. To learn one’s limits in a “bug out” or “evasion” scenario[…] Continue Reading


Canteen-Based Emergency/Survival Kits


In this video for, Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education explains the contents of his Heavy Cover canteen-based survival kit. Learn the items that can be carried to improve survivability and why it is important to build a survival kit around an item commonly carried or used.


Spring Foraging Field-Made Digging Tools


In this video for, Estela Wilderness Education Owner/Head Instructor, Kevin Estela explains a few tools including the digging stick, digging adze and folding shovel, that make spring foraging for underground edibles easier . In a bonus video, Kevin shows the U-Dig-It Shovel in action harvesting a wild ramp/leek. As[…] Continue Reading


Boreal Bushcraft Hoodie Review


In this video for, Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education provides an overview of the Boreal Shirt by Lester River Bushcraft. Kevin explains the design features and his personal use of the Boreal Shirt from the past winter. Lester River Bushcraft products are 100% American Made and excellent options[…] Continue Reading


Sunjack Review


I spend a lot of time in airports, on the go and away from civilization. I also am bound to my electronic devices as a writer, regular blogger and social media jockey. Combined with these roles is my occupation as a survival instructor who is usually far from civilization on[…] Continue Reading

Joel’s Favorite Products from SHOT Show 2015


Learn about Joel’s favorite products used on Lone Target/Manhunt at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We met with the manufacturers to show you what makes these products exceptional. Please visit 5.11 and Winkler Knives to learn more about their products. 5.11 Tactical: Winkler Knives:    

The Madumi Knife by Winkler Knives


If you’ve seen the show Lone Target, you know Former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert takes his escape and evasion missions seriously. Each movement is calculated and attention to detail is observed. Gear is chosen based on mission specific needs and there must not be any chance for failure overlooked. There is[…] Continue Reading


Gear Review: Kifaru Slick Bag


Kevin Estela of Estela Wilderness Education was sent a sample of the new Kifaru Center Zip slick bag for evaluation and review. After a couple months of use in varying New England weather, Kevin found the bag to have improvements over the previous generation side zip bag. Popular with the[…] Continue Reading


Kilimanjaro UTAC Knife Review


Alright, full disclosure: I’m endorsing Kilimanjaro, and I had input in designing some of the line, so be advised of that when you read this review. I’m not exactly impartial; this is a blade that was created to be what I like, what I want to use, at a price[…] Continue Reading