Joel Lambert

Joel Lambert is a combat veteran of the United States Navy SEAL Teams, where, among many other things, he became proficient in basic and advanced SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape) skills, urban evasion, fieldcraft, tracking, counter-tracking, booby traps, and all the rest of the tricks and techniques he uses to evade capture on his Discovery Channel show titled LONE TARGET in the US and MANHUNT in the rest of the world.

Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela is the Founder and Head Instructor of Estela Wilderness Education. He conducts private and semi-private wilderness and urban/suburban survival courses, tests and evaluates knives and equipment for various companies, is a Mountain Khakis Professional Ambassador, and is a life-long outdoors enthusiast with additional pastimes in canoeing/kayaking, fishing and cooking. Kevin's work has taken him from Los Angeles, CA to the United Kingdom and many points in between. Kevin is ranked in both Sayoc Kali and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a shooting enthusiast. Kevin is formerly the Lead Instructor for the Wilderness Learning Center. When not teaching outdoor skills, he is a full-time High School History Teacher and Track and Field Coach who lives in Connecticut.

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Dan Stanchfield

Tracker Dan has dedicated his life to learning and service. Always seeking to perfect the arts of protecting and providing, and then passing that knowledge on to those that work together for the common good. TD is a tracking and survival instructor, US Navy SEAL Active Reservist, marksmanship and self-defense instructor. And a maker of practical blades, hawks, and holster systems. Currently working with the Center for Security Policy, in efforts to help secure the US electrical grid and our southern US Border. If interested in training or blades feel free to contact.

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Andy Wood

Hailing from the west-country "Woody", as he is known to friends and family, has spent all his working life traveling the world, working with, and learning the Bushcraft and Survival Skills practiced by indigenous peoples. With over 40 years experience he has researched, planned and participated in expeditions to some of the planets most remote regions. Supporting this experience he has many formal instructor level qualifications. These include being a full time Certified Wilderness Guide, and Guide Instructor, registered with the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI), Multiple Specialist Wilderness Guide Qualifications, International tracking qualifications, and is a qualified cross country ski instructor, freefall parachutist, PADI qualified diver and has medical training to paramedic level. As a result of his knowledge and experience, Woody has been called on to work in varying roles with television personalities.

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Bob Parr, MBE

Bob Parr is a 25-year veteran of the Special Air Service (SAS), Royal Marines and various UK National Intelligence Agencies. A qualified Combat Survival Instructor, he has worked in more than 130 countries worldwide including just about any environment the planet has to offer. Appointed to the Order of the British Empire for outstanding service with UK Special Forces and decorated at a national level for Gallantry on operations, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a singlehanded transatlantic yachtsman. Bob is currently circumnavigating the world aboard his self-built sailing yacht along with his wife, flying occasionally to his home in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Bob is the owner of SO3 Projects, a company specializing in Risk Management support to the film and television industry.

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Chris Sajnog, Navy SEAL

Chris “Snowman” Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer, bestselling author, speaker and owner of Center Mass Group, LLC – a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in San Diego, CA. Chris commands an unparalleled level of respect when it comes to weapons and tactical training. He was hand selected by Navy Special Warfare Command to develop the curriculum for the current US Navy SEAL Sniper training program. As a Navy SEAL he was the senior sniper instructor, a certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and advanced training marksmanship instructor. He is currently a DOD and DHS certified Counter-Terrorism, Law Enforcement and Advanced Marksmanship Instructor. Chris has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship and tactics.

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Scott Kelley

Scott Kelley is a combat veteran of the United States Army and former Intelligence Officer. He has operated in several countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He has trained and worked with intelligence and Special Forces units in operations such as surveillance/counter-surveillance, HUMINT, and Counter-Terrorism. He operates a website called Graywolf Survival where he uses real-world experience to teach wilderness and disaster survival skills.

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Jack Richland

Jack Richland is a former 8 year U.S. Marine Veteran that has deployed to countries all around the globe. He is an expert in wilderness/urban survival. He currently writes for a few survival magazines and is founder of Black Scout Survival.

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Mike Duke

After almost 12 years as a Police Officer and Patrol Sergeant, including 3.5 years on a SWAT team, Mike went to work at ACADEMI (formerly known as Blackwater) full time in 2006 teaching High Speed, Tactical and Off Road Driving as well as Hand to Hand Combatives. He has experience in Unarmed Close Protection security work, CONUS and OCONUS. He has been in martial arts for 25 years and currently trains Sayoc Kali and teaches Sayoc classes in Portsmouth, VA. He also teaches Avoiding Violence / Attack Recognition and Use of Force Legal classes. He recently became a contributing writer for Harris Publications and has written articles for Personal and Home Defense, Guns and Weapons for LE and Survivor's Edge. You can contact Mike through his Facebook page: Hard Target Sayoc Kali Training Group where he routinely dissects attack videos for pre-assault indicators amongst other content.

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Craig Caudill

Craig Caudill is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School. He leads wilderness/urban survival, land navigation, scout/tracking, defensive tactics classes and more for private, public and agency sponsored events on the federal, state and local level. He has an incredibly active online school with students worldwide in which he teaches many of these same skills as well. He has been interviewed numerous times for TV programs on the topics of survival and preparedness. He actively writes for several blog sites, magazines, as well as does free instructional videos for two youtube channels. Craig also has advanced rank in both Judo and Aikido and continues to teach and train after 20+ years of training in each and is also an avid student of all things gun. Forever a student, Craig always attempts to find ways to help others to develop their mindset and critical thinking skills so they can think on their own and for themselves.

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Roger Crossland

R. L. Crossland is a retired naval captain with 35 years’ service, active and reserve, as a SEAL officer ("one cold war and two hot ones.") He holds a merchant marine captain’s license and practices trial law in New England. He is a graduate of numerous military and civilian survival, evasion, and related schools. His survival interests are varied and range from cold weather subsistence to lifeboat navigation to emergency communications to assisted evasion, and beyond.

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Dave Connell

Dave C is a 22-year veteran of the UK Armed Forces where he specialised in Combat Medicine. During his career he served operational tours in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Desert Storm, Bosnia Herzegovina and served with the elite Medical Support Unit attached to 22 Special Air Service, UK Special Forces Group. He is also trained as a Combat Survival Instructor and has had a life-long interest in living and working in the outdoors. Since retiring he has remained active in the medical and survival industry, operating and teaching remote and operational medicine, risk management and survival in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and combatting piracy in the Gulf of Oman. He’s the founder of Survival Edge, created as a platform for training various hostile area safety courses including tactical pistol & carbine, tactical combat casualty care, situational awareness, urban/rural combat survival and bushcraft. Recently, he has been a Survival Consultant to numerous reality TV productions. He lives in Hereford, United Kingdom.

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