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R. L. Crossland is a retired naval captain with 35 years’ service, active and reserve, as a SEAL officer ("one cold war and two hot ones.") He holds a merchant marine captain’s license and practices trial law in New England. He is a graduate of numerous military and civilian survival, evasion, and related schools. His survival interests are varied and range from cold weather subsistence to lifeboat navigation to emergency communications to assisted evasion, and beyond.

Posts by Roger Crossland


The Survivor’s Virtue of Eccentricity


I submit Richard Burton, the British 19th Century explorer, not the actor, survived a Somali spear through his cheek (which he had to leave there as he made his escape), had a habit of crashing Arabian harems, and endured many harrowing scrapes, was protected only by his dogged eccentricity and[…] Continue Reading


Night Moves: An Evader’s Guide


The bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light. ― Brother Andrew (famous Cold War Bible smuggler), God’s Smuggler (2001) Nasrudin walked into a house and exclaimed, “The moon is more useful than the sun.” “Why?” he was asked. “Because at night we need the light[…] Continue Reading