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About the Author

Jack Richland is a former 8 year U.S. Marine Veteran that has deployed to countries all around the globe. He is an expert in wilderness/urban survival. He currently writes for a few survival magazines and is founder of Black Scout Survival.

Posts by Jack Richland


Lockpicking for Urban Survival


This video comes from the Lockpicking 101 guide from my website Lockpicking can be an invaluable skill in an urban survival or escape and evasion situation. It can also show just how easily locks can be defeated and how you can apply this to your own security within your home. In this[…] Continue Reading


Stay or Go?


When placed in a survival situation the normal protocol is to stay put. This aids SAR (search and rescue) teams in finding you by conducting grid searches in relation to your last known location. Does this same rule apply to a natural disaster or civil unrest situation? The answer is[…] Continue Reading