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Craig Caudill is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School. He leads wilderness/urban survival, land navigation, scout/tracking, defensive tactics classes and more for private, public and agency sponsored events on the federal, state and local level. He has an incredibly active online school with students worldwide in which he teaches many of these same skills as well. He has been interviewed numerous times for TV programs on the topics of survival and preparedness. He actively writes for several blog sites, magazines, as well as does free instructional videos for two youtube channels. Craig also has advanced rank in both Judo and Aikido and continues to teach and train after 20+ years of training in each and is also an avid student of all things gun. Forever a student, Craig always attempts to find ways to help others to develop their mindset and critical thinking skills so they can think on their own and for themselves.

Posts by Craig Caudill

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Tracking with Grass Pointers


I have a newsflash for you. That nicely outlined track with lots of tread pattern in it. The one with all sorts of detail that gives you loads of information. Yeah, about that. It rarely occurs out there. Rarely during any tracking event will you get one nice big beautiful[…] Continue Reading


Observation and Awareness for Tracking


Visual tracking is nothing more than being able to be more aware of what is going on around you at any given time. If you want to be able to see more tracks for tactical/self-protection or for hunting reasons, being aware of all that surrounds you is important, not just[…] Continue Reading