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Bob Parr is a 25-year veteran of the Special Air Service (SAS), Royal Marines and various UK National Intelligence Agencies. A qualified Combat Survival Instructor, he has worked in more than 130 countries worldwide including just about any environment the planet has to offer. Appointed to the Order of the British Empire for outstanding service with UK Special Forces and decorated at a national level for Gallantry on operations, he is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a singlehanded transatlantic yachtsman. Bob is currently circumnavigating the world aboard his self-built sailing yacht along with his wife, flying occasionally to his home in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Bob is the owner of SO3 Projects, a company specializing in Risk Management support to the film and television industry.

Posts by Bob Parr


Emergency Communications


When a British Special Air Service (SAS) patrol became isolated and compromised deep behind enemy lines in Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991, it wasn’t for want of trying that they failed to make contact with friendly forces and arrange an emergency evacuation. A brief but vicious firefight had[…] Continue Reading


The Will to Survive


Having successfully topped-out on Everest in May 1976, Bronco Lane and his Special Air Service (SAS) colleague Brummie Stokes found themselves caught out overnight on their descent in rapidly deteriorating weather conditions. The pair bivouacked in a snow hole near the South Summit, pummeling and pinching each other to prevent[…] Continue Reading