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This weapon set the “Gold Standard” by which all other combat handguns are measured. I’ve fired so many rounds from this gun it would be impossible to count; yet I can hardly remember a single malfunction. In and out of the water, sand and mud – pull it out of its holster and it’s going to fire. You can find plenty of higher-end pistols on the market today, but you’ll never find one with the proven track record of the P226.



This 9mm submachine gun was what I learned Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and Maritime Boarding Operations called VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure). The “N” stands for Navy as it was developed for our use and is an extremely effective weapon for short, quick engagements. It has virtually zero recoil due to its unique delayed blowback bolt system, firing from the closed bolt position. Fun to shoot and fun to transition to your pistol by whipping it over your shoulder like a guitar in a music video.



Yes, these are likely to be phased out by the newer FN SCAR Series, but I’ve spent so much time with this system that I can fire and fix it in my sleep. As a corpsman in the platoon I was also a grenadier and there’s no better feeling than accurately projecting 40mm rounds when your enemy is hiding behind cover.



I used the MK14 quite a bit in my first platoon at SEAL Team Two. It was a winter warfare platoon and this weapon did everything we needed it to do in the cold mountains where we operated. It has a great effective range of 800 yards and always seemed to work even after the beatings they took on rocks and ice. They’ve tried making “upgrades” to it with the MK14 EBR, but I’ll take the original – iron sights and all!


Sniper Operations: .300 Win Mag (M91A2)

As a Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor I’ve used and taught every kind of long-range weapon out there. Yes, there are some that can shoot farther, but this is the most versatile of the bunch and can reach out and touch someone out past 1000 yards with a flat trajectory past 100 yards. If I could only have one sniper rifle, this would be the one I would choose.


— Chris Sajnog

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Chris “Snowman” Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer, bestselling author, speaker and owner of Center Mass Group, LLC – a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in San Diego, CA. Chris commands an unparalleled level of respect when it comes to weapons and tactical training. He was hand selected by Navy Special Warfare Command to develop the curriculum for the current US Navy SEAL Sniper training program. As a Navy SEAL he was the senior sniper instructor, a certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and advanced training marksmanship instructor. He is currently a DOD and DHS certified Counter-Terrorism, Law Enforcement and Advanced Marksmanship Instructor. Chris has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship and tactics.